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Unknown villains have stolen your sister Lily’s life force. To restore her, you must embark on a great journey. Find the villains, discover their motivation, and return the life force to Lily before she is lost for good! Explore a Magical Land. Plunge into this epic story as Sonya. Along your way experience snowy mountain tops and picturesque valleys. Travel to a hidden forest and a magnificent waterfall. RESCUE LILY’S LIFE FORCE! Without her life force, Lily’s physical form has been left abandoned. You don’t have much time to save your sister before it’s too late.

Key features:

  • Find hidden and fragmented objects
  • Solve 23 unique puzzles and mini-games
  • Explore 100 fabulous scenes in the Fairy Forest and Dark Lord Castle
  • Play the bonus game to experience more of Sonya’s adventure

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